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Best Reference Shop Underlines Stars 2012 finalist!

STARS: UNDERLINES BEST SHOP AWARDS 2012 - Finalists Announced! . . . Bare Necessities Knutsford is one of 13 in Best Reference catorgory!   Read More >

Bare Necessities Marple is a Marie Jo / Prima Donna Certified Styling Store 2013

70% of Women are wearing the wrong Bra Size! Study shows a great need for lingerie styling!  Read More >

Visit to Marie Jo and Prima Donna Factory Belgium!!

Julie, the owner of Bare Necessities, was very pleased to be invited to Belgium to the Prima Donn/Marie Jo factory.  A wonderful opportunity to see first hand exactly how these bras are made and why they are amongst the best in the world!  Read More >

Recently, more scientific research has been done on this subject, and the current health recommendation is to make women aware that they should not wear badly fitting bras. They should have their bra fitted by an experienced bra fitter. Each time you need a new bra, you should be re fitted as our bodies change and rarely stay the same. Other health concerns connected to poorly-fitted bras are back pain, muscle tension, headaches, and ill fitting bras can be responsible for poor posture.

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